Photo Contest

Friday afternoon and we’re awaiting the published results of the Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition, where (some, one, a few, several?) of my photos will be published.  It’s fun and exciting to win some recognition, even if it’s on a local scale.   I’m working on some new pieces to post here and hope that some of them appeal to your eye … and that you will be inspired to buy one for your office, home, or as a gift for a friend!

Until next time, keep snappin’!

2 comments on “Photo Contest
  1. Robert Yen says:

    I just received the Arizona Attorney Magazine. Your photos are beautiful. I believe your moody, evocative photo of the “Promenade” was taken in Nice, France? Although the sky is a little more menacing than the memory of my time there, you’ve captured the “stony-ness” of the beach and the loveliness of the town. Really beautiful –all your photos. Congratulations.

    Bob Yen

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks, Bob! Looking forward to seeing your poetry … maybe we need to collaborate on an illustrated book of poems? Congrats on your success!

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