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Right now I’m talking about CONtent, as in getting more images reviewed, cropped, altered, and selected to include on the site.  When I’ve waded through several years worth of digital images, then I will have about 20 years worth of 35mm images to work on.  What that means is that I may never be conTENT with the CONtent, but I’ll always have something to keep me busy.

All that CONtent brings up a question:  is there anything you would love to see, but have not found?  At Unfettered Photos, we don’t really do “commissioned” work, but then again, I’m not above it.  If there is something missing that you would dearly love to have hanging above your desk / table / bed / sofa, please let me know and we’ll go in search of it.  Assignments give me a mission in life beyond working on the image library!

Happy snapping —


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  1. Heather Cook says:

    Scott – you have a great EYE for landscapes!!!!

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