Hanalei Lookout


Scenic lookout near Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

I took this photo in Kauai, Hawaii while my wife and I were on our honeymoon. It is a beautiful view of the taro fields in Hanalei. Taro is used by the Hawaiians to make poi, which is a pudding like substance full of nutrients. While on the island, we passed this lookout many times and every time I would tell my wife “we should stop and take a photo”. We did stop the first 4 times or so, but after that it became sort of the running joke of the trip. I really loved looking out over the valley and I’m glad we stopped so many times, because I was able to get a great photo of it with this beautiful rainbow.

One comment on “Hanalei Lookout
  1. Bob Towery says:

    Beautiful image, what a paradise!

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