Verde Canyon Train

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If you poke around the site you’ll see a couple of other photos of trains. Well, one train actually… the Verde Canyon Railroad tourist train which runs a static eight mile route from Clarkdale to the ghost town of Perkinsville in central Arizona. The line was built to service the copper mine in Clarkdale, but was out of service for many years once the mine shut down. The line was subsequently purchased and transformed into the tourist operation it is today.

The train runs at a gentle 12 mph through some very scenic and isolated territory which you will only see by rail. Much of the route runs through canyons largely untouched by man and it you can view terrain which appears much as it must have hundreds or even thousands of years ago. As you can see from the photo the rock formations in and around the rail line have the characteristic red hue found throughout the area – the color is due to the presence of iron in the rock and is caused by rust. The nearby town of Sedona is well known for the surrounding red rocks.

We have ridden the train on multiple occasions, but this trip was a little different. The day was intermittently rainy and the clouds provided an interesting contrast to the typical sharp blue cloudless Arizona sky. If you’re looking for something a little different, you can’t beat an afternoon on the train… winding through the desolate, colorful, and always beautiful high desert country.

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