Some Unfettered changes

Just a quick post to let you know there have been quite a few changes with our website recently – some subtle, some not so subtle – but hopefully all will improve the overall appeal and usability. The ‘Login’ sidebar is gone, since it wasn’t much good to casual visitors anyhow, and has been replaced by a ‘Subscribe’ widget. Our new subscription system is fully automated, and those who sign up will receive email notifications whenever a new blog entry (like this one) is posted. If you get sick of us, you can unsubscribe at any time by entering your email in the field and hitting ‘Unsubscribe’. We hope to use this as a way to keep in touch with our friends and fans, as well as notifying you when new photos are posted or special deals are available.

We also added a couple of new galleries recently, and we plan to continue adding more photos in the near future. This place is a work in progress… please let us know if you have questions or suggestions – all are welcome! Until next time….


3 comments on “Some Unfettered changes
  1. Joan says:

    The photos are amazing – I love them.

  2. Don Cook says:

    Pam,you have Magical eye … Great Photos….

  3. Don Cook says:

    Brian… You have a great EYE for the unusual..

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