Unfettered Photos

Free Range Photo Art

Who Are We?

We are artists working to set ourselves free from the bonds of our workaday worlds so we’ll have more time to spend on the art. That’s where you come in. If it speaks to you, please buy it, enjoy it, let it love you, tell your friends, and we’ll all be better off.

Our private studios are in Phoenix and Scottsdale and our Gallery is (for now) online only. All of the artists represented in our Online Gallery are related either by blood, marriage, or lifelong relationships. And we all share the unfettered eye.

Fine art and pizza delivery, what we do falls neatly in between!
David Letterman, comedian & television host (1947 – )

Artist’s Statements

Brian Donison

Experience & Equipment
I have always been interested in photography. My first camera was my mom’s borrowed Kodak Hawkeye Brownie and while in grade school I commandeered an unused room in the basement for a darkroom; haphazardly experimenting with black and white developing and printing. I scrounged a contact printer and old-but-serviceable enlarger and spent much of my meagre income on film, chemicals and photo paper. As I recall, none of my early works ever made it into a frame but I had fun and learned about the chemistry behind photography – far as I know the chemicals didn’t leave any permanent injuries. I always had a camera of one sort or another after that, progressing through a series of 35mm film cameras to our first digital – an Olympus D-550. It gave way to a Canon A620, which was a fine camera until it was drenched (along with me) by a rogue wave which snuck out of the Pacific ocean during an inattentive moment while I was wave-watching. Our current favorite is the Canon Rebel XSi D450, which, along with Photoshop and other digital imaging software, has opened up a whole new creative world for us. We also have a Canon SD1100IS, which is ultra-portable and takes darn fine photos.

Favorite Subjects
I love sky shots for some reason… mix in some clouds, and a pretty sunset, maybe a full moon, and the possibilities are endless. Close-up or closely-cropped shots can also be fascinating, and I’m always looking for an original point of view on common items.

Born & raised in Saskatchewan (Canada)
Currently live in Arizona (USA)

Pamela Donison

Experience & Equipment
I began “photographing” things with a Viewmaster when I was about 5 years old and I’ve been framing a shot pretty much ever since.  My first SLR was a Nikon I used while studying photography at the Defense Information School (Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana) in 1980.  A few years later, I switched to an Olympus OM10 and these days I use a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph and a Canon EOS Rebel XSi, along with PhotoShop and a couple of other art tools.

Favorite Subjects
Markets: Foods and flowers are uniquely beautiful for their natural patterns, colors, and textures.

Abstract: I like honing in on shapes, color, shadow and light, distinct from the “identity” of the object.

Ocean: My intention is to capture the feeling of toes in sand, breeze on face — the ultimate happy place.

Architecture: So many structures are all around us, but we rarely stop to appreciate them. Architecture, at its finest, represents the convergence of form (art) and function (shelter)

Travel: I love to visit new places and find my best images by walking in the moment without expectation, but an open eye.

Awards; Honors; Exhibits
2009, First Place, Arizona Attorney Creative Arts Competition, Photography

Born in Texas (USA)
Raised in Ontario, ManitobaSaskatchewan (Canada) and Texas (USA)
Currently live in Arizona (USA) and (someday soon) British Columbia (Canada)

Scott Elliott

Experience & Equipment
I got interested in photography while taking a high school photography class (easy credit) and, since then, I’ve looked at everything as a photo opportunity.  Until recently, I’ve had point and shoot 35mm and digital cameras.  Now I’m using the Canon EOS Rebel XSi as well as PhotoShop and other manipulation tools.

Favorite Subjects
Landscapes:  I’m fascinated by the interplay of earth and sky and try to convey the drama of a panoramic view.

Miniatures:  I like the off-kilter perspective that comes about in shooting miniatures and in manipulating scenes using tilt/shift to look as if they were miniature dioramas.

Abstracts:  I like finding abstract views within plants — fractals on a larger scale.

Born in Arizona (USA)
Raised in Arizona and Southern California (USA)
Currently live in Arizona (USA)